When will my product be delivered?

Under normal conditions, deliveries within Istanbul within 24 hours after they are shipped; Deliveries outside of Istanbul are made within 2-3 days (depending on the delivery time promised by the courier company to your province and district). If there is a problem in the product supply process, our customer service representatives will notify you via e-mail.


There is no cargo company close to my address, how will I receive my order?

The courier companies we have contracted with generally deliver products all over Turkey. If there is no cargo agency in your location, that place is considered as a “mobile zone” and the product is delivered on certain days of the week. The product supply process and shipping fees specified on our site are valid for province and district centers. Products cannot be delivered to points outside the province, district centers and mobile zone; However, an extra shipping fee is charged.


What does “In Procurement Process” mean?

If the product you ordered is in our stocks, the shipping process will start immediately. If there is more than one product in your order, starting from the first ordered product, the ones in our stocks are prepared. For your orders that are not yet in stock, the supply process begins. (In this case, you will see the text “In the Procurement Process” opposite the product you ordered.) Requests sent to our relevant supplier are automatically followed and your orders are ensured to be in our stocks as soon as possible.


How will I know that my order has been shipped?

When the products you buy from our site are delivered to the cargo, the cargo shipment information about your order is automatically sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone registered in our system as an SMS. With the help of this information, you can learn when your product or products are delivered to cargo. You can also track the status of your order from the “My Orders” section on the “My Account” page.


What should I pay attention to during delivery?

When your orders are delivered to your address, we recommend that you open the cargo package and check it after you sign the cargo delivery receipt. If there is any mistake in the package content or if the products are damaged or deformed, please have the cargo officer prepare a “Damage Determination Report” and contact us in this regard.


My parcel is going to the wrong address, what can I do?

When your order is shipped, your delivery address is automatically transferred to the cargo company’s system without making any changes, and the shipment process continues in this direction. Delivery branches are delivered to the branch connected to your address by the cargo company. Therefore, it is not up to us to choose which branch the product will be delivered to for delivery. If your cargo has been sent to the wrong address or branch, if you inform us via message on the “Customer Services” page, the cargo company will be informed by us and the forwarding process will be done as soon as possible.


What if the cargo cannot find me at the delivery address?

If the cargo companies we work with cannot reach anyone at the delivery address, they leave a compass at the door. On this compass, there are addresses and telephone numbers of the cargo branch that delivers to you. The cargo branch will keep your parcel for 3 days and if it cannot reach you, it will send your order back. When you cannot receive your cargo because you are not at your address, you can reach your cargo branch according to the information on the compass and get detailed information about the delivery.


Can I change my shipping address?

You can notify us of the change of delivery address by message from the “Customer Service” page while your entire order is in the procurement process. However, if one or more of the items in your order have already been shipped (partial delivery), the address change to be made through the system will not be immediately reflected in the system of the cargo company, since the delivery address you specified is transferred online to the cargo company and the same delivery address is used for each cargo exit made for a single order.


My order arrived damaged and broken. What should I do?

All the products we offer for sale go through damage control when they are taken from the supplier company and packaged for delivery to the cargo. Therefore, no product is likely to be shipped damaged. However, due to the fact that sensitive products such as glassware and electric heaters are dropped during transportation or loaded incorrectly into the cargo, damage may occur. In such a case, the process works as follows: When your order is delivered to your address by the courier, before you receive the product, make sure to check the outer package for damage and have a “Damage Determination Report” prepared as soon as you see any damage. Pay attention to the explanations written by the cargo officer while preparing the Damage Determination Report. E.g; “There is no damage to the parcel. The product is damaged.” A statement like this will be interpreted as the product was not damaged during transportation and will cause problems during your exchange request. Warn the officer to keep a record with the full and correct words about the damaged product. “When the product was delivered, it was checked and found to be damaged.” A report with an explanation like this will speed up your product return process. In case of any damage you notice after order delivery, you should immediately contact the relevant cargo branch and ask them to prepare a “Damage Determination Report”. If the cargo branch is not helping you in this regard, please inform us as soon as possible. Before sending the product to us, you should apply by clicking the Fault/Return/Change button in the order detail on the “My Account” page. In order to avoid any problems with cargo compensation, return the damaged product to the cargo company that delivered it to you.


The package content of the product I received was missing, what should I do?

The products offered for sale come in their original boxes from the suppliers and are packaged and delivered to the cargo without being opened. You will see a warning letter on the labels we affixed on the cargo packages against possible problems that may occur in the shipment of the products. In this warning, you are reminded that you should open and check the product while the cargo officer is with you during the delivery. As a result of the control you will make, if there is a missing or error in the product package content, you must have the cargo officer prepare a “Due Diligence Report”. After this process, you can receive the product if you wish, and you can only apply to us with the report. If you notice that the contents of the package are missing or incorrect after delivery, you can apply to us without a report. It will be sufficient to fill out the relevant form in the “Failure/Return/Change” section of the Order Detail page.


The product in my order and the product I received are different, what should I do?

If a different product was sent due to an error in stock coding, we apologize first. Please return the product in question to us by filling out the return and exchange form that came out of the cargo so that the exchange can be made. Necessary actions will be taken when the product reaches us.